Updated: May 26

Learning requires patience, it is easy to apply patience on theoretical structured educational programs because the timing is clear on the curriculum.It is not easy to apply patience with practical experiential learning as there is no structure to refer to.

Experience and skills comes through learning, one has to embrace the process.

The process involves failure, mistakes and rejection. It is more personal and can be more painful.

Be so aware and conscious when you are facing a practical experience that you are learning from to be patient with the time.

For example

You will not wake up tomorrow and you are considered the best business person, it will take time to become one as there is an element of learning to go through for you to be considered the best in the field of business.

These are some of the values you get from practical learning:

  • You will learn to be patient with yourself as it takes time to build a skill

  • You develop a character of persistence and resilience

  • You learn new skills that you can use to benefit yourself

Wisdom comes through a persistence pursuit of knowledge and understanding. In all you do seek experience to build your skills.

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