Every high performer has a coach

  • Every elite athlete has a coach.

  • Most eminent business people, celebrities or politicians have a coach.

  • I believe it’s time we took academic success as seriously as we take sport, business and politics 

  • Academic success opens the gates to interesting and fulfilling careers in just about any field you’d care to mention, and is central to creating the next generation of business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, technologists, creators, dreamers, doers and influencers. (Sure, not every successful person had a great education. But nearly all of them did – even if it was a slightly “unconventional” education in one way or another!)

Exam past beliefs

Every students has, to some extent, issues preventing them perfecting their study routine. It might be exam stress or anxiety, a lack of study motivation, not able to focus, or just not managing time and energy as effectively as you could be. Whatever your roadblocks are, rest assured that I’ll find them and clear them

Exam strategy 

We’ll develop a personalised study strategy designed specifically for you, given your course content, your strengths and weaknesses, and your lifestyle. And closer to the time, I’ll make sure you have an effective exam game-plan in place for each and every paper

Accountability partner

exam season is tough. Sometimes it helps to share that: I’m always alive to the strain my students are under, and am always happy to talk it through – and perhaps to tweak my other recommendations for you accordingly.

exam technique

I’ll share the secrets of exam technique which I’ve developed over years of taking exams and coaching others to do the same. You won’t find these anywhere else, and they will maximise your mark in the exam hall without requiring an additional minutes’ study


Been there. Done that.

Got the qualifications

  • You want someone who’s been there and done it

  • You want someone who understands the fundamentals

  • You want someone with a strong track record teaching others

  • You want someone to be there for you in the good times and the bad

How it Works

  • I am currently accepting new coaching clients.

  • Please use the button below to buy and to get your first session booked in.

  • You will get a zoom link as confirmation of your first session being booked, which allows me to work with students worldwide.

  • Your first session will include an additional 15 minutes consultation time at no extra cost to get to know each other, and to allow me to evaluate what you need and how I can best support you.

  • Many students find 1 or 2 initial sessions are all they need to kick-start their exam preparation; others find considerable value in the occasional check-in thereafter to stay on track.

  • You are flexible to have one or more session with me as payment is done per session.

  • I look forward to hearing from you, and am excited to be helping achieve your dreams.

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Get an Exam Coach

You are registered for CIMA, CTA, CIA, CISA, Post-graduate or any professional exams in your field, get Coach Milly to work with you as you become an expert.

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